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Vortex Impex Pvt. Ltd.Vortex Impex Pvt. Ltd.Vortex Impex Pvt. Ltd.
Vortex Impex Pvt. Ltd.Vortex Impex Pvt. Ltd.
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Vortex Impex Pvt. Ltd.Scaffoldings Systems & Accessories

We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of a complete range of quality steel Scaffolding & support system, Frame scaffolding system and Slab formwork centering system and other scaffold accessories & Fittings made as per the requirements for BS : 1139.

Vortex Impex Pvt. Ltd.Scaffoldings Systems
We specialise in CUPLOCK , KWIKSTAGE , FRAME AND RING type systems with their Fittings and Accessories.

S. No. Name
1. Verticals / Standards
2. Horizontals / Ledgers
3. Steel Battens
4. Transoms (Omega and Intermediate)
5. Hop up Brackets (2 Board, 3 Board)
6. Cantilever Frames
7. Beam Bracket
8. Spigot
9. Adjustable Universal, Base, Fork Head Jacks

Vortex Impex Pvt. Ltd.Accessories
We can supply loose components and accessories for CUPLOCK, KWIKSTAGE type and FRAME SYSTEMS.

Cuplock Component Kwikstage Components Frame System
Pressed Bottom Cups Ledger Ends Gravity Lock
Drop Forged Ledger Blade, Malleable Casted Top Cup, Connecting Spigot Pins (Steel Pressed and M. Casted) Brace Lock
  C-Type Bendings, Pressed Vee’s Flip Lock

Vortex Impex Pvt. Ltd.Scaffolding Tube & Fittings (Drop Forge & Steel Pressed)

S. No. Name
1. Swivel Coupler (Steel Pressed and Dropforged)
2. Double Coupler (Steel Pressed and Dropforged)
3. Putlog Coupler
4. Sleeve Coupler
5. Putlog End
6. Expanding Joint Pin
7. Adjustable Stair Tread Coupler
8. Beam Girder Clamp
9. Wrap Over Putlog Clamp
10. Single Clip, Bracing Clamp etc.

In pressed Steel, Swivel and Double Coupler and available in 3 international designs, namely, Presco type, Bolton type and Heavy Duty Arrow type.

Vortex Impex Pvt. Ltd.Slab Formwork & Centering Systems

S. No. Name
1. Adjustable Telescopic Props
2. Braces (Scissors and Horizontal)
3. Metriform Decking System with drop head
4. Longitudinal Swivel Brace

OFF SHORE PROPS (All Sizes), Threaded Prop Sleeves, Threaded Tie Rods, Frames of All Sizes/Types, Base Plate Sockets, Propex, U-Head, Base Plate with Pin, etc.

Further, we can supply you in Quantum with High Quality Accessories and Fasteners, namely Eye Bolts, T-Bolts in EN 8 or 15 B25 (Boron Steel), Hi-Quality Malleable Casted or SGN Casted Scaffold Fittings namely Top Cup, Wedge Plate, Wing Nut, Drop Forged Tube Fittings, namely Ledger Blades, and other components as per specific requirements.

Scaffolding system painted with high quality synthetic enamel by dip process, Scaffolding fitting and accessories are having electroplated finish / galvanizing as per customer requirement.

Vortex Impex Pvt. Ltd.Specifications

BS - 1139 Part – 1 Specification for Scaffolding Tubes.
BS - 1139 Part – 3 Specification for prefabricated mobile access and working towers.

Vortex Impex Pvt. Ltd.Scaffoldings Fittings & Systems

Vortex Impex has been manufacturing and exporting scaffoldings from years with excellence in quality and deliveries. We have been accredited ISO 9002 certification and awarded "Exports House" status by Government of India. We follow International Standards with commitment to provide quality products using latest infrastructure and technology. Safety is utmost criteria with us thus we keep on improving the system and manufacturing processes.

1.) Forged Couplers
2.) Pressed Couplers
3.) Jack & Props